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Accurate, Productive and Cost-Effective Electromagnetic Signal Integrity Software for Physical Design of Interconnects for Communication Links
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SIMBEOR® Electromagnetic Signal Integrity Software

Simbeor is the industry-first measurement-validated electromagnetic signal integrity software for physical design of PCB and packaging interconnects for communication links operating at 6-100 Gb/s and beyond. Simbeor is the one-stop solution for all interconnect budget exploration (advanced stackup planning and pre-layout), design verification (post-layout), dielectric and conductor roughness models identification, and macro-modeling tasks.
Simbeor is a versatile and capable tool for a signal integrity practitioner to design predictable interconnects.
Simbeor fits into any interconnect design flow.
Simbeor interfaces are easy-to-learn and easy-to-use.
Simbeor application notes demonstrate typical problems solved with Simbeor.
Technical presentations provide more details on what signal degradation effects can be simulated with Simbeor solvers.

Simbeor Solvers and Algorithms:

Simbeor Tools and Interfaces:

Simbeor Application Domains
  • Interconnect structures on high-speed digital PCBs, Packages MCMs and ICs:
    • Regular multiconductor interconnects or transmission lines;
    • Periodically disrupted or terminated interconnects;
    • Transitions or discontinuities such as vias, micro-vias, breakouts,...;
    • Embedded passives such as planar resistors, capacitors and inductors;
  • Passive elements of RF, hybrid, microwave and millimeter-wave integrated circuits (MICs and MMICs) and MEMS:
    • Planar strip-type, slot-type and hybrid transmission lines, periodic structures and discontinuities;
    • Filters, dividers/combiners, directional couplers, switchers, attenuators,...;
    • Passive elements of amplifiers and oscillators such as inductors, capacitors, resistors,...;
    • Planar antennas;
  • Practically unlimited frequency bandwidth:
    • Successfully validated with measurements from 10 KHz to 50 GHz
  • More detailed overviews of Simbeor are available in Downloads/Presentation area.