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We develop and distribute Simbeor® electromagnetic signal integrity software for physical design of PCB and packaging interconnects for communication links operating at 6-100 Gb/s and beyond.
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Simbeor is the one-stop solution for all interconnect budget exploration (pre-layout), design verification (post-layout), material parameters identification, and macro-modeling tasks. Simbeor is an industry-first measurement-validated tool to synthesize minimal-reflection geometry for transmission lines and via-holes, to build advanced electromagnetic models for all elements of PCB and packaging interconnects and to model a complete data link in frequency and time domains with fast decompositional electromagnetic analysis. The accuracy of the models is ensured in Simbeor through the use of advanced algorithms for 3D full wave analysis, benchmarking and experimental validation. Simbeor beats the competition hands down, when it comes to validation of analysis with the measurements! Simulation of data links with the electromagnetic models eliminates uncertainties of simplified models and guaranties the first pass design success.
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Click here to see how Simbeor fits into your design flow...
Click here to see how Simbeor fits into your design flow...
Use Simbeor electromagnetic signal integrity software for...
  • PCB and packaging interconnects budget exploration (pre-layout) and design verification (post-layout) with advanced 3D full-wave de-compositional frequency and time-domain analyses
  • Synthesis of geometry for impedance controlled transmission lines and minimal-reflection via-holes
  • Advanced electromagnetic modeling of transmission lines, via-holes and discontinuities in data links
  • Building rational compact and broadband SPICE macro-models for consistent time and frequency domain analyses of interconnects, connectors, packages, and complete data links
  • Automation of S-parameter models quality assurance and macro-modeling tasks
  • Identification of parameters for conductive or dielectric materials on the base of measured data
  • Clarifying doubts about results obtained with measurements or with your current EM or SI tool
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Simbeor datasheet with licensing options and ordering information is available here.
Simbeor installation modules and overview presentations are available in Support/Downloads section (requires login).
System requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7, 32-bit or 64-bit(preferable) or compatible operating system; 2-3 GHz or faster processor with at least 2 GB memory (8 GB prefefable); 3D graphic card with OpenGL support.
Additional materials are available in Support/Knowledge Base section (requires login).
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